Parents Plus Children's Course


This 6 week course is open to all parents and guardians of 12-17 year olds from the Tallaght area.

The course will look at things parents can do to:

  • Build closer and more enjoyable relationships with teens
  • Help teens grow up to be happy, have good self-esteem, be responsible and reach their full potential in life
  • Give teens practical things they can do to deal with things like anxiety, stress, anger, bullying and peer pressure
  • Encourage positive communication in the family so that teens are more likely to talk to their parents, and there are less arguments and stress as everyone gets into the habit of working out their problems and disagreements in a calmer way.
  • Booking essntial at from Tuesday 22nd August.


County Library, Tallaght


This event takes place on 17 October 2017, 9:45AM

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