Literacy touches every aspect of our lives. It is an essential foundation for learning through life, and must be valued as a human right. South Dublin Libraries wishes to empower its customers to develop the skills they need to navigate what is often a complex world.

We recognise that there is great potential for inter-generational learning involving younger people, parents, grandparents and all members of our communities.

South Dublin Libraries has a focused view on supporting literacies through providing resources and delivering fun and informative activities and events under a range of headings:

  • Pre-literacy - helping parents to help their children develop skills which will help them to develop reading abilities
  • Early Literacy - supporting parents and their children as they begin to read
  • Conventional Literacy - supporting ongoing literacy through resource provision, activities and events
  • Family literacy - facilitating children, parents and grandparents to support each other in their literacy development
  • Computer Literacy - confident and effective use of computers and the internet
  • Digital Literacy - confident use of the range of equipment and services such as smartphones. tablets, cameras, skype, etc
  • Information Literacy - finding accurate, up-to-date information from a range of sources

Some Highlights of our Literacy Supports and Activities

Ready2Read Programme & Video

The Ready2Read project involves hands-on training for parents, childcare workers and crèche workers to help children develop six pre-literacy skills which prepare them for formal learning in school and which also underpins their journey to becoming independent readers. Pre-Literacy or early literacy is those elements which children need to know about reading and writing before they can actually read and write. Learning is accomplished through fun workshops which involve reading, nursery rhymes, songs, a group activity and a series of practical tips to demonstrate each of six pre literacy skills. At the end of the programme, each child and parent pairing is presented with a joint certificate.
Ready2Read is adapted from the successful American literacy project, Every Child Ready to Read based on research and evaluation by Dr. Grover Whitehurst and Dr. Christopher Lonigan (2001).
The Ready2Read Programme has won the prestigious Educational Initiative LAMA Award 2013 & the Chamber's Ireland Best Library Service award 2012.

Download the Programme

View the video


TTRS (Touch Type Read Spell)

TTRS is a computer based course for children and adults who have spelling and reading difficulties, dyslexia and other learnning differences. Learning is promoted by a multi-sensory approach(seeing, hearing, speaking, touching). The purpose of TTRS is to help develop vital literacy skills and at the same time increase the level of confidence, self-esteem and motivation. It provides a series of graded exercises which the user works through under supervision. The programme was initially piloted in South Dublin Libraries in the County Library in Tallaght. Feedback from participants was so positive that it has been rolled out to Ballyroan libraryCastletymon Library, Clondalkin Library, and Lucan Library. Trained library staff members work with individuals or very small groups to deliver this highly successful programme.

Join the Summer Reading Buzz

Each Summer, South Dublin Libraries invites childrento take part in our reading challenge. The Summer Reading Buzz with Books aims to inspire children to keep reading in the long summer break when reading skills can decline without the regular reading activity at school. Rewards and treats along the way help children to reach their goal of reading 10 or more books.

More on the Summer Reading Challenge


Bedtime Reading Club

A Bed Time Reading club is essentially an after or pre-school activity that allows parents share the joy of reading with their children.  It offers parents an opportunity to spend one-on-one time with their child engaging in an activity that offers enormous benefits to both.
More on Bedtime reading Club

Ongoing Literacy Supports and Activities by Branch

In order to illustrate the wide range of literacy activities, we asked each of our service points to provide an indicative list of literacy resources they provide and literacy activites they currently undertake. For up to the minute information on events and activities, please check our events calendar or contact the branch library directly.

County Library, Tallaght
Castletymon Library
Lucan Library
Childrens and Schools library service
Service to Schools (based in Library Headquarters) Please check also at your local branch.

For further information please contact your nearest branch library