Quick guide to Ereaders, tablets and smart devices

December 10, 2013



Did you get an ereader, tablet or smart device as a present?

Do you want to be able to download free ebooks and audiobooks from our virtual library?

What should you be looking out for if you are considering purchasing a device for yourself or as a present?


Our virtual library has both audiobooks and ebooks that can be downloaded to smart devices.
Some devices are not compatible -  such as the Kindle.

Sony ereaders and Kobo ereaders work for ebooks and certain MP3 players work for audiobooks.
On tablets and smart devices, you can download both ebooks and audiobooks and enjoy them anytime, anywhere.


For a list of approved devices, click here

For brief general guidelines on how to download for smart devices, click here

Sony ereader instuctions

Kobo ereader instructions