Changes to Library Charges

January 2, 2015

Please note that the following changes to charges will take effect from January 2015.


Overdue charges for books, DVDs, CDs, console games will rise by 5c from 25 cents per week or part of a week
to 30 cents per week or per part of a week.

This is still the lowest rate charged for overdue items across the library authorities in Dublin.

Please note that you can sign up to receive a pre-overdue notification by email or sms to alert you to items that are due to be returned or renewed and so
avoid having overdue items on loan and incurring overdue charges.

To do this, please click here and add your email address or mobile number within the "personal details" option.


Postage and stationery costs levied on overdue notices will rise from 55c to 70c

There will now be a €5 charge for items reserved and delivered from the British Library - this is in line with charges for this service in all other Dublin public library authorities.

Charges for all other reservations will remain the same.

  • 50c for reservations in branch or online

  • 50c for reservations placed via Borrow Books