Do you run events or give classes or workshops?

February 8, 2018

South Dublin County Council are putting a panel in place for the engagement of facilitators for their library events.

The Panel will be for 1 year starting 03/04/18 and can be extended for up to a further 3 year period.

The panel will be advertised annually and applications to join the panel can be submitted at any stage during the life of the panel.

If applicants meet the “Selection Criteria” they will be placed on the panel and all future facilitator engagements will be offered to members of the panel. Further details are available with the application form.

Any person who wishes to apply to be included on this panel are invited to apply by completing the Application Form which is available with Guidelines/Terms on the eTenders website

Anyone wishing to join the panel must be registered on eTenders. This is a free and simple process and can be completed at


The closing date for Initial applications is Thursday 8th March 2018 at 4pm.