Library Computers

South Dublin Libraries has a wide range of public access PCs available in each branch library. We provide free internet access for all of our borrowers, including our junior borrowers who have their own PCs with filtered access.
Our adult computers come with an extensive range of programs including all of the Microsoft Office programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint and Publisher and our junior computers have a wide range of educational games and websites to interact with.

There are many reasons why people might need variations on standard computer hardware and software. Different visual, manual and intellectual abilities require different solutions. At South Dublin Libraries, we are currently auditing our range of services and equipment in this regard and researching assistive technology equipment and software to update what we had previously offered.

Computer Usage Policy

Before using our public access computers customers must accept the following computer usage policy, rules and notes on access by children:


  • South Dublin Libraries provides access to a broad range of information resources including those available via the internet. The internet complements and enhances the existing range of collections in the library and provides an open forum for ideas, knowledge and cultural enrichment.
  • The Internet is an excellent source of information. Users are reminded that information found on the internet may not be reliable, accurate, up to date and appropriate or that information a user supplies may not remain confidential.   South Dublin Libraries have no control over information sourced via the internet and cannot guarantee its accuracy
  • South Dublin Libraries use filter software to prevent access to information and images that users may find disturbing, however this does not always guarantee that users will not be exposed to objectionable material as filter software cannot block all offensive sites. Please report any concerns you may have to library staff.
  • South Dublin Libraries log all computer usage by user and sites accessed. These logs may be accessed in the event of an incident, a complaint or at the request of an Garda Síochána.

Rules Governing Use

  • Individuals are expected to use the library PCs in a responsible and courteous manner and not undertake any actions that may bring the library authority into disrepute.
  • Attempts to violate Internet security, tamper with local hardware or alter software configurations will result in loss of internet privileges.
  • Users will not download files illegally.
  • South Dublin Libraries takes no responsibility for damage to files, documents or storage devices such as USB sticks or CDROMs.
  • Access to the Internet is available by booking online at or by booking at the library desk or by telephone to the relevant branch.

Access by Children

  • Using the internet is a fun way to learn, discover new interests and to chat to friends.
  • Parents should supervise their child's use of the library public access PCs. Library staff cannot undertake this duty.
  • Young Adults (12-14yrs) should use PCs in the children's area and young adults (15-17yrs) should use PCs in the adult library.
  • Below are some steps to safe use of the internet.
  • Avoid giving out personal information online to people you don’t know.
  • Only open and accept emails from people you know. Emails from others may contain viruses or nasty messages.
  • You can be who you want to be in cyberspace. So can anyone else, so be aware that people may not be who they say they are.
  • Bring your parent with you if you are meeting someone you only know online.
  • Tell your parent or a trusted adult if someone or something on the internet makes you uncomfortable.
  • Be “webwise” and the internet is lots of fun.


South Dublin County Libraries, 2015

For hints and tips about safer surfing and use of mobile phone technologies, check here