Homework Help

South Dublin Libraries offer you some very useful online resources on the website.

Have a look at Encyclopaedia Britannica Elementary Edition for children aged 6 - 12 years

and the Student Edition for those of you aged 12 - 18 years. 

This is an excellent start for good general information on any subject.
You will need a library card to log in to some of these resources.

Credo Reference can also help you with homework, projects and essays. For a quick explanation, click here .  You will need your library card to log in but you can even look it up from home.

Other Websites to help you with your Homework.
Great for history and enviromental information about Ireland.  Written specially for children.
This is a web search engine put together by Librarians.  Search for any subject. Written specially for children
Information for children on the GAA
Official website of the Football Association of Ireland
This is an excellent site for geography and nature studies.  Written specially for children.
Free online resource for teachers, tutors and children  


Junior and Leaving Cert
This is an Irish site with Leaving Cert focused material and interactive revision material
This is an Irish website that provides study notes, mock papers and past exam papers for Junior and Leaving Cert exams. Some content is free and some requires payment.



Not sure about how to spell a word – just look at

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Coming to the Library to do your homework? Here are some useful tips.

Prepare before you come to the library
Bring your homework project, library card, pen, paper, and photocopying money (15c for Black and White, 30c for Colour)

Leave Lots of Time
If you wait until the day before the project is due, all the information may be out. Reference books will be available for use only in the library

Ask yourself these questions
Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? relating to your topic

Never leave without asking for help
If you haven't found what you're looking for, ask for help! Library staff are here to help you find all the resources - including on-line information!

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