My Family

Everyone has a family tree! Have you ever wondered where your family began? Who is part of your family? How are they related to you? Where are you on your family tree?

If you want to trace the history of your family the best place to start is with yourself!

Follow these easy steps and you will soon have a family tree all of your own:

  • Print off this chart (you can do it in the library) and fill in your own name. 
  • Fill in the names of other family members that you know.
  • Talk to an older family member who can help you fill in some of the blanks.


If you like, you could try to find some of your family in some old records. Records are important things that were written down on paper so that people would remember them. The Census is an example of a record. The Census is done on one day every 10 years and it is a record of all the people who lived in Ireland on that day. There was a Census in 1911 and you can look at it on the National Archives website. You can search for your family’s name and, if you know it, the area they lived in.

Here is an example of a record from the 1911 Census. It’s for the Malone family from Rathfarnham. What kind of information does it tell you about them? Click on the form below to download it in PDF format.

Example of 1911 Census Form for Malone family

Memories and Stories

Learning about your family history is not just about finding out the names of your ancestors, it’s also about learning about the kind of lives your older relatives have lived – where they went to school, what kind of games they played as children, what was their first job?

Here is a list of questions you can use to interview an older relative.